How to Integrate NPS into Your SaaS Customer LifecycleHow To Fit NPS Into Your SaaS Customer LifecycleHow To Fit NPS Into Your SaaS Customer Lifecycle 16261788148393Chris SolContent Marketing Manager at RetentlyIn today's business environment, SaaS companies benefit from a variety of feedback sources that improve the vendor-customer dialogue. CRM, social networks, surveys, helpdesk, etc. are all channels you can use to connect with your customers.As customer age has drawn attention to customer satisfaction and experiences,

effectively addressing customer feedback has become overwhelming due to the sheer number of potential communication sources. A simple but effective way to measure and understand customer satisfaction since 2003 remains the Net Promoter Score. With the advent of this metric and its evolution into a comprehensive survey methodology, many NPS services have been developed to help companies run this simple customer feedback engine.SaaS companies, in particular, can take advantage of the features offered by these NPS services, to fully automate the process of collecting customer feedback and, in turn, reveal important information to be used later to improve their product, increase loyalty customers and reduce churn.In this article, we'll explore how NPS can be implemented in a typical SaaS customer lifecycle and the benefits that come with it.What is Net Promoter Score?Before we dive into all of this, let's start with what exactly the Net Promoter Score is and how it holds a prominent place in the business world.The Net Promoter Score is a measure of customer satisfaction that asks respondents to rate them on a scale of 0 to 10, segmenting them into three groups based on their rating. The NPS question is usually followed by an open query about the reason for the given score.How To Fit NPS Into Your SaaS Customer C级执行名单 Lifecycle 16261788148393The feedback you collect will help you understand what's driving the score, guiding you to new sales opportunities with customers willing to refer you. If used accordingly, it will help you catch bugs and avoid common mistakes early in the product roadmap, ensuring a high-quality customer experience.Ideas for additional product features will also follow, because there is no better advisor than your customer. NPS is one of the most useful startup metrics you can track and improve by taking action. To apply the above, let's go into more detail and dwell on the indisputable benefits that might compel you to implement NPS in your SaaS business.How To Fit NPS Into Your SaaS

Customer Lifecycle 16261788148394Most Wanted NPS: How We Chose the Best Fit NPS Software at SerpstatNPS surveys based on customer lifecycle stageYour first NPS campaign is an opportunity to measure overall customer sentiment about your business and compare your score to industry standards. After that, you should start using the full potential of NPS by setting up different campaigns for customer lifecycle stages, customizing your questions, and automating parts of the process.The customer lifecycle provides a clear understanding of when you should interview your customers. Send NPS surveys after important customer lifecycle events and collect different but equally essential feedback.